Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Transfiguration of the lord

Yesterday August 6 marked the  feast of transfiguration of Lord, which christ revealed his divinity to disciples.  I t is found from  church year for children that fruits are  traditionally blessed ont this day, especially grapes or other soft fruits,  to show the physical transformation of grapes into wine. Once it is blessed it can be consumed after lighting candles, symbiolising christ is the light, with the explaination of the significance of fruits during the feast of transfiguration of the lord.

Annu and Theresu wore white clothes when they went for H. mass reminding Jesus face shone like sun. (Mathew 17; 2).

Children enjoyed doing word search and read about transfiguration.It was interesting to know from the gospel that Peter thought to worship three of them equally by making tent, which is the form of church.But God appeared and revealed Jesus is the only beloved son.

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