Sunday, 11 August 2013

Summer time ! With friends

Children had  few days of sleep over with their friends.On the first day we went with kidoos to Wythenshawe park. Asked Karinatan family to come too. Children  rode bikes, did climbing, boys and girls played cricket, went in the slide, merry go round, went inside the thick trees for adventure.

Kids made an attempt to build den by collecting twigs from here and there, seems to be lot of fun.Kept moving to another bunch of trees for adventure,  found out a pond at last. Once reached home, Muunu and Mathu  continued their den at home and had some midnite feast.It was nice to see them chatting, watching and building, went bit late to bed.  Munnu slept in his own den.

Then next day, mostly was in paddling pool,everyone together inflated the pool and  helped to fill the pool. They all had lots and lots of fun, splashing water, made boats using styrofoam bowls and toothpricks and sailed boat in the pool, jumped in the  trampoline for sometime.

We went to the library, read some books and boys watched  movie' Kunfu Panda 3'  and girls did some games.Annu and Munnu had summer reading chalenge certificate. Back home.


Children had picnic, though it wasn't a proper picnic.

Next day was a day of 'making', girls made a beautiful butterfly using felt fabric with the help of a butterfly  template and decorated, and sewed it. Boys made a cardboard plane and painted it.

Theresu enjoyed with them too.

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