Saturday, 9 March 2019

14th Birthday

It was our Annu's fourteenth birthday. Just want some of her close friends to be invited to cut the cake. However it was a lovely day. After attending Holy mass , friends came. As usual there was some decors made and cut cake. This time it happened to be my turn to make cake;  it was red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

In the afternoon, we all as a family went out to life style badminton court. That was a fab time for all of us. Back home and a watched a movie. Thank God for the wonderful daughter Annus.


Thursday, 28 February 2019

Month of February

This month has begun with the feast of Presentation of the Lord or Candlemas.. Ideal day to recite Simeon's canticle around lit table. There is an old saying- candless days from Candlemas and the days start getting longer. Time to browse around to see early  signs of spring,...

The special dish of the day is pancake or crepe - we prepared some crepes decorated with chocolate syrup, raspberry and cream. It was delicious. Some of our friends were invited to our house.

Chldren are making paraffin wax candles for the day ,Geo and Theresu are so keen in melting wax and the wonders around it, finally tea cup candles were done and embellished with some stickers.

Our altar with tea cup candles

Some of the wax  pellets were filled in empty coconut shell along with the blessed candle from church.

The day was closed by reciting Simeon's canticle and had an amazing day joining with friends too.

'' A light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of your people Israel''.

                            Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum in the University of Manchester campus is holding a big exhibition on dinosaur skeletons, mummies, insects which are the unsung heroes of ecosystem, Wide array of butterflies are displayed which plays a pivotal role in food chain. Museum is bringing extensive botanical collection of plants across the globe which is so fantastic, children was so enchanted by various types of lizards, chameleon , frogs and so on wandering in their created habitat.

There was a big display of  information on recycling, reusing products. I was amazed by reading the below fact how food production is causing 30 percentage of greenhouse gases and try going out without meat .

There was more than 10,000 fossils of algae, ferns, ice age animals , stunning specimens of meteorites,  gemstones and rare minerals displayed.

That was a great day out with Theresu, Geo and Mich after a big break from viral fever at home. It was refreshing to me too.

      Feast of  Our Lady of Lourdes

Feast of Our Lady was celebrated with our ususal cake and colouring  on Feb 11th. 


Since the signs of spring slowly started popping out, we got out to explore early signs of spring, which is known to be the crown in the jewel. Amazing time of the year coming up to watch for the little shoots peeping out with mini showers will facilitate more flowers to dig out from the ground.Even if you are going for a solitary stroll or riotous ramble with kids, there are lot of things to enjoy.Time to look for fresh vegetation, germination of dormant seeds of tulips and daffodils, snowdrops, lot of multi colored crocus,resuming activity of hibernating creatures, start of plant and animal reproduction, chirping sounds of birds. 

Thersu and Geo out in the woods looking at shoots and crocus white and purple. 

                    HALF TERM BREAK

Theresu had a hobbycraft gift coupon for her birthday, after a long time we could go to hobbycraft to get some craft items. Children painted their money box and enjoyed spending time playing with dinosaur(Geo) and cat (Theresu)

Some of Thersu's friends were invited to our house to have some play and fun. A lot of play outdoor in trampoline, football, hide and seek and then some craft indoor, Our Lady of  Lourdes craft with gravel and lollipop stick.

It was little Joseph's baptism on last Monday. Our family joined in that beautiful ceremony. Helped decorating the house for the small party. Children joined making fruit cocktails, cupcakes and so on..

A few days ago we made a visit to our nearby farm house and it was a lovely and warm day. Geo liked stroking the donkey and goats, then had a nature walk .

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