Monday, 21 September 2020

Birthdays at Home

This is my 43rd birthday ..older children took over the whole day, they started their day very early preparing some dishes for lunch. Following that they prepared some pancakes with bed coffee.

 It was amazing the way all of them including Jochaya brought to bed colourful cards, pancakes, coffee and small presents. I felt so humbled and privileged to receive it. Appreciated all the hard work and thoughts of my family especially children did their very best. I was in bed most of the day taking rest after miscarriage. Day made me so happy after the loss...

Breakfast and cards

Annu's special dragon chicken and rice

One of our picture from last year

Visit to Mcr Museum

Lock down has changed things very badly. Museums used to be one of the prominent places of our visits before. After long time,  children and Jobycha went to visit Manchester museum with  prior booking of the slots online.

   Origami peace doves hanging in the museum atrium. 
       Children spent sometime in the museum and back home ..seems to be enjoyed and Geo narrated story with pictures.

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows falls on 15th of September. Kiddos were helped to prepare some crafts , made 7 sorrows candle jars with pictures on it. Then in the eve, whole family recited sevenc sorrows rosary.  Geo really enjoyed making candles and lighting it

Seven sorrows of Mary

Melting wax pellets for the candles

         Our Lady of Sorrows pray for us.

back to skool

This academic year is entirely different in our family. Since I was in bed after noticing spotting on my 12th week of pregnancy.  Everything in a new dimension from we used to be. Jobycha is using Robinsin curriculum for Theresu and prepared for the school to open.
    School opened on the feast of nativity of Our Lady. The table was decorated with stationary items, sweets and birthday cake. The day began as usual going to H Mass and  commenced with new plans for the year. 

This year we decided to ask prayer to Our Lady of Victory  as this an important year in our family with so many GCSE exams upcoming for the eldest two and the new initiative for the younger ones too.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

lockdown Again

There was no much blogging this month of August. Since I am little bit busy with my studies to be a homeopath  and a time of school break which I took things very relaxed. This time we were kind of exploring Woodlands, beaches and one day trips due to Manchester went into lock down again. However, so many places were visited and friends.

Making Den and exploring the woods with our friends in Macclesfield woods

Some time of fishing and contemplation..

Some of the other specials were vidya's birthday and our niece's first holy communion yesterday. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

St James ther Greater-Apostle of Spain

Another beautiful day at home. July 25th is the feast of St James the greater. This saturday we had the preteens club online. Why not we do something about apostles?

                    St James was known as greater in comparing with other St James lesser. There are so many places in Gospel we see St James, come and follow me , I will make fishers of men. There the first disciples of Jesus, then during transfiguration, at the time of passion of Christ....St James along with his brother John the evangelist is called Sons of Thunder.

          Lot of things about the olden tradition of pilgrimage to Spain- Santiago de Compostella. Originally in 44 AD, St James after the ascension of Jesus, left to preach good new to Spain, as it says he reached up to the ends , the tip of spain, Santiago. He fulfilled what Jesus said- Go and preach the good news to the whole world, to the very ends of the earth. Santiago is a very olden pilgrimage shrine. Many go by walk / bike and basilica where the remains of St James is buried. Once St James was martyred, other disciples brought his remains back to Spain. Till 800 AD, ONE ot the hermit found out the remains of the saint and started people flowing to the place.I also got a dream to visit sometime in my life.

There are lot of beautiful incidents associated with St James, he was discouraged and returning to Jerusalem, Mary the mother of Jesus appeared to him, on a pillar, she encouraged him to be strong like a pillar and revealed to him what sort of death he was going to suffer in Jerusalem (Acts 12;2).

Our Lady of Pillar is still in Compostela, Feast is in October.

 As part of the group, children were taught some scripture passage, MY SHEEP LISTENS TO MY VOICE AND FOLLOW ME''.John 10 ;27..... Then we went through St James cross, what it is meant to the life of a pilgrim, the need to listen to God. Following that scavenger hunt of some of the items of a pilgrim was done. Picture appreciation of St James was done and how to identify St James as he was a patron of pilgrims, Spain. By looking at the picture of St James always carrying a gourd, a pilgrim staff with a hook to carry things, a shell on his cloak, hat and so on.

Children had a craft session to make a St James craft with empty toilet roll and asked to draw the parts, coloured and stick together.

                                        Crafts by Thrsu and myself to show children

                          Some of the crafts by children from the group

Last but not least, Last week I purchased madeleine tray to make some shell cakes which could be of special on this feast day. Shell is one the beautiful symbol, many of the pilgrims carry back as a souvenir after their pilgrimage and you always notice shell on the picture of St James the Greater.

                           Happy feast of St James the Greater

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