Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Month Of August

Most popular month in the internet may be December. However, month of August is the favourite. Generally the weather is warm and more pleasant. Everyone can enjoy and soak in the sun while there is still warmth in it. Farmers, fruit growers and all who work on the earth love it since it is the month to reap the fruit of their labours. As Children of Mary. we look forward as well to celebrate the feast of the Assumption of our Lady on August 15th and on the following week her coronation as Queen of Heaven.

It has been a few blessed weeks in our family. My sister was not very well and asked many to pray. She has recovered amazingly and thank God for His blessing and for so many other things. Children took part in some of the reading challenges -Space Chase, no school, playing outdoor most of the time, time with our cousins, arise fundraising in Sheffield, visiting museums, attending Summer camps with FSSP, Formby beach,pottery

                                          visit to Manchester Museum.the current event is all about sensory play with water, 
paint and so on.

Munnu went for Summer camp with FSSP ,with lots of fun outdoor,games, hiking and time of catechesis.Now 
Annu is attending girls camp.

                One of the snap from last month, our Godson's birthday

As part of member of National trust, we visited Formby beach in Liverpool,sandy beach and it was a bit sunny 
day. Children enjoyed making sand castle and Geo was bit unhappy as he was packed with sand when finished playing in the water.It was the Feast of St Maximilian Kolbe who was a courageous and strong martyr, whom I was so inspired to read and listen,their horrible lives in the concentration camp,however,Kolbe was sharing God's love among others in the camp.


Stoke on Trent is famous for pottery factories and visited Middleport pottery yesterday for a play with clay event, made some impressions.

Today is Feast of Assumption of our Lady, you can find details of feast from archives.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Mid Summer days

Last week it was the Feast of St James on July 25th. He is one of the disciples who martyred for the faith and the body was brought to spain and was buried. The journey was a difficult one by sea and the symbol is a  scallop shell . The burial place is  a great pilgrimage which is Compostela in Spain. It was an old custom that children can prepare grotto and decorate with shells from the beach during sunny days.

Reminded of this , we went for a walk in Malvern hills in Worcester with Thomas family. Most of the children climbed the peak with Jobycha and that was a great time though there was showers on and off. Left there at 9 pm.

 As well as that, libraries are doing Summer reading challenge.Theme is 'Space Chase' for this year and Theresu and Georgu went for a space helmet craft workshop which was interesting and fun for both.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

              Yesterday was the beautiful marian feast,Our Lady of Mount Carmel.This feast 
commemorates the anniversary of the day in 1251 when the Blessed mother gave brown
 scapular to St Simon Stock of England.

 "Whoever wears scapular and die will be preserved from the eternal fire...."is the promise.

It  was a blessed day,after H.Mass, we prepared caramel slice and put it in fridge.As a 

family we went to Peak district to be reminded of Holy Mountain on this feast day, had a 
stroll in the  woods, visited Our Lady's shrine on the curve. It is such a devotion place.

Mount Zion and the city of Jerusalem , the place where God dwells among His people,often used in the liturgy as the image of Mary., in whom God's word became flesh n our midst.
The title Our Lady Of Mount Carmel is another expression of this beautiful devotion and holy place of God's dwelling place among us.Lovely place where Elijah dwelt in service to the 
word of God,expresses a sense of beauty,silence and prayer that characterise Our Lady,the mother of our redeemer.


Thursday, 4 July 2019

Summer in Chorlton woods

Our Chorlton woods is packed with lots of adventures and fun. Lots of birds in the river  and people come from all over the place , kids enjoy feeding them. Many little peer is there for fishing and camping . We have a beautiful orchard and now it is full of cherries, raspberries, red currants ready to pick, beautiful place to climb and collect cherries. reminds me my childhood. There are lot of bicycle trails for those who are interested to bike.

           I picked lots of raspberries and prepared jam in my bread machine, came out pretty much well. Every wednesdays children can have kayak and canoe in the water for free. Theresu was out in the kayak for first time and it was amazing. She enjoyed it.

Jam from the raspberries from our orchard. Not sweet enough since I didn't add enough sugar. However it is worth making a homemade jam, though many in our house don't like jam. I enjoyed myself since it was my first attempt to prepare jam .

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Sports day 2019

St Mary's choir school was having sports day with so many other home educating families. It was a brilliant day with lots of sunshine. Our new super star George bagged lots of prizes including dash, long distance run and obstacle race. Infact this was his debut performance since he turned 4 recently.
Annu did participate some events even though she  didn't want to. Munnu got some medals and Theresu did perform as well. Alison contributed lots for this day as usual. Bless her. Our St Mary's group is off for summer holidays now.

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