Thursday, 23 June 2022

Sports Day 2022

Sports day is always the momentum of End of  school year and children enjoys a lot. This year as usual done by Alison with lots of sporting events including long distance dash, wheel Barrow, three legged race, obstacle race and so on..

      After Holy mass all headed to Victoria park in Warrington, had picnic with so many other home edders. Fr De Mallary blessed the event and Mundack family too excelled along with others and bagged medals...It was a great day with lots of fun and fellowship. We were blessed with a glorious sunshine . Finally the day ended with medals and trophies, felicitated everyone behind the scenes.

On Father's day

Following Geo's birthday was Father's day and two dads at home. Tried to entertain with a mini breakfast and children decorated around little bit with some old pictures of their dads and cards ready 

The day was lovely and bit dusky as sun gone ..  However we were out to Stockport for Millennium walk , for me a reminder of beautiful Venice nearby . There is a beautiful hanging bridge on top of the low floor restaurant.  Curved bridge is a beautiful scenery and for a walk. Close to it is a big climbing rocks where many are climbing.  

 Some just relaxed and others ran around through one of the oldest community hydro electric project for around 65 families.

    Our journey culminated by fun in the water ...

Finally both families finished the day with lots of bye and bye and sad stories with crying, mumbling and grumpiness. Though it was sad to be apart, all of us enjoyed the day in their own extent of fun.

Monday, 20 June 2022

A Chess Birthday Party

Saturday was Geo's 7th Birthday. For this birthday we decided to give him a Chess party and invite his some friends as covid gave a bit break from usual celebrations. Geo is very keen into chess.

  Our chess boy from past when he joined the first time in the chess club. It was bit of surprise to me too as he won a few games in his debut.

Invitations were sent out to a few only which was made in canva.
Chess cake was the aim. Base was a bit hard as for the first time I am doing the four layer and trying to make checker board.

Following that , chocolate ganache was done and covered the cake. Chocolate ganache done by adding milk chocolate to hot double cream, different consistency of ganache for the type of cake you want. It was done by Annu.The final decorations with checker board structures took time. Initiated and continued with Thomas girls 

Finally it came out well.

We had a party games. Began with treasure hunt.
Children had fun looking for treasure and enjoyed
the hunting.

Pinata always the favourite event for the kids and hitting the rook which we made over a week was great. Finally birthday boy were in tears as he didnt get chance to grab enough sweets. Friends spoiled him by giving all their sweets.

   Making of pinata in layers. Always it is a week task, covering daily a few layers on, over and other and into the shape by sticking inflated balloon over a small carton. Towards the end , balloon is popped and filled with various candies with confetties, tissue papers. 

   Party table and decors

  Birthday boy
Opening the gifts, cards and having a birthday brekkie with pancake.

  Home made cards
Some of the beautiful cards by Theresu and mich.

  From Theresu

   Designed by Mich with a checker face.

    The day ended with party favours , for these I used some sticky man, bubbles . ..

  Happy Birthday Georgu. Thank Lord for all these past 7 years of Geo in our life.



Wednesday, 15 June 2022

June Fun

Summertime is here finally. Roses out in the garden, days of sunshine on and off. Prepare for an alternare for British weather, at times things change as rain falls. Neverthless the month to enjoy long tdays and as June has the longest day 21st , sun goes down very late after 10pm. Summer solistice- people used to think sun was stabding stillin the sky at this time of year. >Some of the summer fun for this month</b> To go for a caterpillar hunt. The most fascinating small creatures is caterpillar, they eat so much and grow faster Strawberry fields

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Walk in the Valley- Summer brief

Summer heat has started hitting again. Hoping to get bathed in sun. Took some time out in woods and enjoyed cool breaks with ice creams although big kidos missed out due to board exams.

Geo had his tooth out as well
   Another warm sunny day , finished exams for a few weeks. Out in the valley and the brook, enjoying soaking in stream and skimming. Some just relaxed away from water and some inside  water. 

 Past week  was Mersey Fest and had some events of bouldering, circus, skating and so on. I realised the winner of Mersey Fest wordsearch was me and got 50 pounds Amazon gift cards, so exciting for me. Bought a good book which I was longing to purchase.
  Water colour paintings on the day. Enjoyed  colouring  lighthouse after our Scottish culture learning about famous Scots in the history- Robert Burns who is called Rabbi Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Watson Watt...James Watt..

   By Geo
Theresu enjoys painting and doing her beach shading.

On Sunday, it was Students gathering and helped bit in sharing our experience on mission.

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