Tuesday 28 November 2023

Feast of St Cecilia

It is a day for patron of musicians. Sg cecilia was a beautuful saint abd martyr who longed to die as martyr. She was tortured to death and burnt  But in those tougher days , she remained at peace praising God..Soldiees could hear her singkng from inside where she was to put to fire.

A day to begkn lesdons with the intercession of this saint from 3rd century AD.

Theresu made a peg doll coloured as St Cecilia woth hot glued rose on her head.

Sunday 12 November 2023

Month of Holy Souls

This month of Hoy souls, remembrance Sunday . Our duty of praying for dead. ....

Time to visit graves of friends and relations. We visited southern Cemetery a few days sgo5. 
Today is Remembrance Sunday, 2 minute silence and remembering all those died in War. The Sunday nearest to November 11th. Two minutes silence is part of our national calendar  When you wear a poppy it should be able to remind us to pray for someone who has died in the war.

It was the time of the year of Intofilms and get to watch  Spiderman 2 in Odeon Didsbury.

Eternal rest grant upon us.... At Home we have vast array of souls to be prayed for and pray St Gertrude prayer and jar of sweets.

    St Gertrude Prayer

Thursday 2 November 2023

All Saints Party

Another All saints day has come and left. It has been such a joyful time to see all the wondeful saints dressed up. We had children dressed up as St Patrick, JUDE, Gianna, St Cecilia,....Every year come different crowd. This time we had it in Our Lady Queen of Peace, Moses side.There were a few games and kids have to introduce their saints with some details. That was awesome.Guess who the saint was there with another blind folding gsme- To get heaven. Obviously we had some pumpkins carved at home. All the sweets  were distributed and wrapped up the session with All saints marching with song.- When the ssints go marching..

Guess who and pumpkin icarved with Christian symbols 


Pumpkin carving

 Getting ready with ssints costumes  geo getting his St Patrick crosier and mitre ready.

One of our friends ftom Derby celebrated the day 

Archives from the past years..lots of ideas in shower of blessings blog.

         All saints Ora Pro Nobis

Thursday 26 October 2023

Autumn Tales

Autumn season is here ( some call it Hygge). One of my favourite and colourful season of the year. Though around look bit sad and dull, as the days grew colder and darker. I would invite  to look into autumn through a different eye, vibrant season of myriad colours of orange, yellow hues with accenting colours. Looking for pumpkin carving, All saints day, soon be praying for souls....

Ww enjoy going out as a family during this fall season and my favourite is picking different leaves of maple, oak etc..

Here are some tips to get your home ready for Autumn
 1. Lots of colours can be added to your homes: changing cushions, curtains. It can bring cosiness into your home, bit of a less effort but with a good pay off.
2. A season recipe
3. Things to do in autumn with family.
4. A list of autumnal walks.
5. Hot chocolate recipes and other autumn recipes.
6. Ways to embrace hygge.
7. Autumn snaps for blogs/ insta
8.Places to go for collecting pumpkin
9. All saints costumes and pumpkin carvings
10. What I am thankful for the year?
11. Decorate lounge with autumn hues.
12. The boots you need for the season.
13. Autumnal activities to do with children.
14. Autumn scents/ candles/ cinnamon scents. 
15. Saving heating bills. 

   Dad is back home from India...

Annu's taster session of Biryani

  Have a wonderful season 

Tuesday 10 October 2023

England's Nazareth

Time of Rosary month. JY national pilgrim journey to Walsingham happened over the weekend. It wa great day, good weather. Whole day was fruitful and returned back in our coach to Manchester.  Lot of fun and prayers gone up.

Our Lady of Walsingham pray for us.

School Missio- Oct 2023

Dreaming  and praying for School Mission for such a long time. Finally Lord himself planted the seeds and dream came true. The Time of the Lord. And it is the right time Annu n Vidy took gap year and could reach to secondary school.

Thank God for using as His instruments.

This happened in one of the schools in Nottingham diocese - Scunthorpe. They could do two days encounter sessions for year 7 along with Jo.

Friday 29 September 2023


Today as a special day at home. It is Michaelmas feast and I love St Michael's day. 

Mich was gifted on his feast day with his favourites. As today 29th September celebrates the feast of Archangels - Michael  Rafel and Gabriel..

You nay know that St Michael from revelation, where we read about him throwing Satan out of heaven and leading God's war against evil..the prayer of Archangel is very powerful, I heard people say how strong it is the power of St Michael's prayer ..

Our day today:

 Doing little activities on archangels...though my youngest ones are bit unwell. After reading Raphel - name means 'God heals' we thought to ask healing from God 

Here is s list of things to do on the day-

Traditionally the day has lots and lots of significance in Britain. ...the time of giving thanks after harvest. Usually it used to be the time of giving rents  and payments.

You will see lot of purple daisies around  (asteracea)and can bring to decorate table.

Food obviously has got important role, tradition to eat goose and roast carrots, due to the lack of it, people go for chicken. ....carrots are traditional 

You can make things with black berries- crumbles,  pies or snacks...we had blackberries to serve... 

       Archangels guard us


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