Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Back to school 2018

After long summer holidays in India and World family meet in Ireland the time flew so fast. Finally it is the time for the new academic year. As usual, children were building hopes to have some fun on the back to school day. This year I didn't get chance to make any shultes.

There was lots of school items along with some chocolates, candies, jellies and stuffs. Thersu was more excited and Geo was not sure what is happening today. After being to Holy Mass, our celebration started with fun.

Below is the post of back to school  from previous years for any more ideas. There are lots of ideas in shower of roses blog for new school year.

Happy Feast of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Making Candy floss

Mich was so excited today after his constant hard work for the last few days to fix the motor to make candy floss. I predicted it was going to be a flop, sorry being a nasty mother. Me got excited once Mich's dream to make candy floss came true. 

He made the motor connected to electricity and fixed to a metal cap which started rotating it. Then sugar solution in water which was made before was allowed to run through the metal cap. Water solution was gently poured through metal cap once the motor is started going, slowly you could see candy floss started building up in the box in which everything is set up. It was great fun and so delighted to see his little engineering skills started flourishing.

Donald's Birthday

We were invited to join for Don's birthday in Trafford centre. Don looks so happy when we met him and went to have bouffet in one of the Thai restaurant and kiddos enjoyed meal. So tired in the end and had a lovely birthday with Don on his 9th celebration.

Sports day

St Mary's choir school had their sports day last Tuesday. The day was packed with lots of  fun events like obstacle race, two legged race, spoon and potato, long distance run and so on. Many parents and relatives joined for the day. Sun was shining gently and so we all had a brilliant day. Children bagged some medals and certificates for two legged race, wheel barrow race and obstacle race. . Geo was bit reluctant to join and enjoyed on his push bike.

                Jochaya joined along with two of the FSSP priests which was so fun as a family

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

World Family Meet 2018 ,Dublin

It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of largest international gathering of families that happened in Ireland.

Our journey started from Holyhead and travelled on ferry in our car, unique and first experience of children to travel abroad other than India since they grown up.

Resided with JYfriends in Ireland.First day of our journey started with a visit to Our Lady of Knock and it was providential that our visit was on the Feast of Apparition,was amazing.The place was filled with peace and joy. Knock is a sacred and unique place of pilgrimage,story started in August 21st 1879 when 15 people witnessed an Apparition at the gable wall of the Parish church..

The witnesses described as a heavenly vision of our Lady,St Joseph, St John the Evangelist and a Lamb on the altar surrounded by hovering angels.

The following day started with the world meet with lots of events, morning programmes,main congress, YOUCAT for kids,children global village, teens global village, lots and of panels, prayer spaces, exhibitions, concerts by Rex band, Rend collective and lots of free stuffs and so on...

Jobycha with our bishops from England.

Theresu with new sweet friend Chri..

Performance by Kisikids

YOUCAT for kids tent with Geo


Eirinn is the official mascot for World Meeting Of Families 2018. Eirinn means Ireland, which is home for World Meet. Errin is a breed of sheep from Galway, a county in West of Ireland.
The sheep is a very special animal that appear in many parables in Bible. Just like each sheep,each one of us is an important member of God's family. Created by Marten Jonmark,Emmy award winning director.

The next day was festival of families with the visit of Holy Father.There was lots of stunning events , choir,Irish dance, testimonies, river dance, Let your love flow by Daniel O'Donnell, High hopes choir and address by Holy Father. Great day with no showers in Croke park.

The closing day of Meet with the Papal mass in Phoenix park and walked for long miles with children and thank God for giving us such a wonderful gift to take part in global family meet of church. So excited to meet many people. We had a wonderful stay with JY friends especially Raju & Jismi for a whole week.

On the way back to home in Irish Ferry.

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