Saturday, 8 December 2018

Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre

This week Jodrell Centre is offering Thanksgiving week, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.
This observatory hosts a number of radio telescopes and has played a significant role in the research of meteors, quasars, pulsars and so on. The main telescope is Lovell telescope which is the third largest steerable telescope in the world.

          Children got an opportunity to have a telescope walking tours and lots of exciting fun learning in Jodrell Observatory and I was at home taking rest after my  last week's episodes. They joined with the friendly explainers as they stroll around the base of the Lovell Telescope.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Red Wednesday

ACN is inviting everyone for tolerance and respect for people of faith and different faith traditions.By joining  in prayer,wearing red or  tea evening or something peaceful and positive to stand up for suffering Christians and others.

We have set up some red foods  like cupcakes, jellies and so on and invited some of our friends to join.They have even  donated some money which we will be sending to ACN for 'HELP a family in need' which support the displaced Christian family in Syria and so on.

Feast of St Cecilia

St Cecilia , patron of musicians and a beautiful story of martydom. The same day children started with their choir in St Mary's. After that, we had a m and had a meal at Alison's house and had a mini celebration.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Jochayan's Birthday

Yesterday was Jochayan's birthday, kids were preparing their cards and cakes.They all were really excited and our friend's parents were invited.

Annu put her heart in making yummy carrot cake with chocolate embellishments, prepared day before and sandwiched.Thank God for him and had a good day.

Some of the placemats I made recently to try on this special day.

Annu is busy into decorating cake.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Armistice day

St Mary's choir  performed A play  for parishioners. The skit was organised by Alison and with war poem Flanders fields.AnnMarie was narrator, Munnu acted as priest by reciting some Latin prayers, Theresu n Geo as soldiers. It was great fun to make paper mache soldier hat which took a couple of days in a proper form. Children performed very well and it was a great time of centenary.

The play is designed by attatched here

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Bon Fire Night

Thought of sharing some fun time last night. Along with our whole street , jochaya also made some fire and roasted marshmallows. Then sparklers were lit, however our Geo was scared of firewirks and stopped coming out and rest of us enjoyed being outdoor.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

All Saints Day

It was all hallows eve yesterday. There was lots of children pop in for trick or treats, unfortunately all our plans for All saints day been drop down as our whole family is affected with chicken pox. However , saint o lanterns were done with the help of Theresu who is the healthiest now and little Geo with spots on his body.One of our friend's daughter joined with us for the party and together did some paper dali of patron saints and watched Nicholas movie in

Some sweets were decorated with little labels of 'God loves you' were handed over to the children who came for treat which evolved from an ancient practise of begging for soul cakes and promising their prayers for the souls.

      All saints Pray for us

Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn Saints

Some of the very special feasts celebrated this month of October, St Therese, Francis of assisi, guardian angels, Blessed Henry Newman.

Below is how we celebrated these days and it turned out to be great blessing and learning. Theresu's feast days here and made some cupcakes and iced like little roses.


These days catechism classes were teaching lot about angels and craft angel was made by Geo and Theres.

It was a great opportunity to read through the story  of Blessed Henry Newman and we learned one of his famous hymn: "Praise to the Holiest in the height....and looked at his motto of "Heart speaks to Heart".

Tuesday, 9 October 2018


The gardens and trees  have flowered and fruited. Finaly , it is autumn. The brilliant time to grab your wellies,coats ans head to the woods. The leaves turning to vibrant colours and on windy days you will see lots of leaves swirling in the wind. The prime time of the year for nature and church.

 Some of our visits during this time in Felcrow park. A beautiful location for children to enjoy this season, hidden in the woods,lots of cold water to splash, stones and have fun.

Some pictures in Chorlton water park on the feast of St Francis of Asisi who loved animals and birds. Of all the creatures, birds were Francis' pets. Whenever he preached, they would gather and crowd the trees, chimneys and towers. Geo is feeding the ducks and he quite enjoys feeding and watching the birds.

3 chickens arrived in our home and little ones very keen to feed and look after though bit scared. Jochayan busy making chicken run and clearing off things in the back garden for the chicken.

Children are making some autumn crafts by dipping maple leaves( collected from park) in melted wax to decorate and was fun for them.

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