Friday, 20 March 2015

St Joseph Feast day

It was a great day and children read the Story of St Joseph. Kids did some word search and puzzle, learnt the tradition of keeping St Joseph altar.We bought life of St Joseph colouring page from Holy Heroes

                                                 Card made by Munnu

                                      Card from Theresu

Annu and Munnu decorated St Joseph altar and they made some tools and baked in oven.Even they made a b beautiful card of their own for their appa and amazing.

We had meal together and they gave card to appa, prayed for all dads and husbands.Towards evening we went to St Joseph church for the deanery mass and enjoyed the day.Some of the resources used are it is on my to do list, A slice of smith life, catholic icing and a beautiful lapbook from Shower of roses.

                                St Joseph Pray for us.

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