Friday, 20 March 2015

Ancient MEesopotamians/ Sumerians

We thought of learning Bible and introduce history along with it. One of the very olden civilisation was Ancient Mesopotamians, some 7,000 years ago. People began to move into area between Tigris and Euphrates  rivers and settled there, This area is called Ancient Mesopotamia. Word Mesopotamia means land between two rivers and now it is known as Iraq (The Usborne Book Of World History)

Life was hard due to weather was dry, hot and floods. So they move into South the land of Sumer e]where Sumerians lived. From there close to Ur where we were learning about Abraham, nomads and reading the scripture and learning Genesis (including premevial  -Genesis 1-11 and patriarchal history  Genesis 12 onwards ). Munnu was concentrating on Cuneiform writing, ziggurats, covenant. Anu and Munnu began Bible History with 7 days of creation, fall, Noah's arc  and Theresu did some coloring of creation.

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