Thursday, 19 November 2015

November Events

It was a special day for us when Annu danced for the Sunday School, it was her first performance and was a great day.

All Saints Day
Annu dressed up as St Elizabeth of Hungary,Munnu as St Stephen and I  wished to help him bit more.
Theresu dressed as St Cecilia and a harp was made with twigs from our garden and wrap around  rubber bands on it.

                               Manchester Film Festival

Manchester Science Festival just finished and was so resourceful. Circuit city, Revolution show on about various inventions happened in and across Manchester.esp spinning mills. Baby computer , steam engines .

  Munnu volunteered to take part in the show on how dynamo converts energy by pedaling the bike and to make the  drier work.

                          Remembrance Sunday  
On Remembrance Sunday kids drew and made a 3D painting of poppies using acrylic paint mixed with glue and oats.

Munnu's poppies

Intu Film festival 2015
 Intu film festival is happening for children aged 5-14 all over UK and we went to watch 'Alice in Wonderland' movie in VUE, Salford .

Bon Fire Week
Blackpool lights on Bon fire week showing the Egyptian mummies and pharaohs

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