Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back to school 2015

After a super weekend in Holy well and Llandudno, we  opened our school on the Feast of Nativity of Our Lady, which was a great day . We were thinking to start on 7 th September but couldn't .The summer flew very quickly especially with having a new baby born too. After all the preparations of   buying books and making check lists ,school year started.

Children were quite keen to have their school open as they wanted to see the new list of school items.I prepared all especially  which I made Schultütes first time this year. Before I let them open, mummy said few prayers for the children and we made a chocolate cake with symbol M on Our Lady's birthday.

Borrowed some ideas from shower of roses blog and children had some back to school treat depending upon their taste.

Schultütes made for children was filled with school supplies. This is a German tradition of filling the school cones with school supplies, treats and goodies for the children on the first day of school. 'Tute' word means bag and 'Schul' for school and a label named with patron saint for this academic year was stuck on it. Annu picked St John Bosco, Munnu got St John Cupertino and Theresu got St Philomena , who are suitable for students.

 Theresu was very much excited to see her new school items as she is very keen to learn new things this year.


Made back to school treats with some labels.

Borrowed some ideas from shower of roses blog and children had some back to school treat depending upon their taste.Modelling clay for Theresu, glitters for Annu and some colourful rubber bands for Munnu.

 Parish priest made a visit to our house and he blessed the house, talked a bit about himself to children. Our Lady's birthday cake was cut following that. It was a great day for children and all of us, Below sunflower is from our garden for the Lady.

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