Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer 2015

 In Ladywell Preston

Kidoos read certain numbers of books over
 summer as part of Summer  Reading Challenge and got the certificate.

Begining of September we went to Holywell, Conwy and Llanddudno . Children enjoyed time in Llandudno flying kites and making stone castle carrying stones from the shore. It was a great experience in Holywell to see all the remains from the time of reformation and to know the story of St Winifred and St Beuno.

So delighted to be part of  Jesus Youth Alive National  conference 2015.

Theresu and Annu with their friend when they came for sleep over and making cookies.

Munnu and mummy in tram going to city centre to visit and see garden festival. Kids made some kites..

In Southern Cemetry with mummy

                   Enjoying the summer holidays

Manchester libraries are holding Summer Reading Challenge and children are making sun catchers and fashion bracelets.

Sun catchers done by children; some got pictures of car,heart etc...

It was Munnu's 9th birthday and children made their own cake. It was great to see how children are growing up. Thank you Lord for the beautiful times in our life.

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