Wednesday, 29 April 2015

St Catherine of Siena

It was the feast of St Catherine of Siena on 29th April (as per new calendar). She is born in Siena and died in Rome, both in Italy. St Catherine was a Dominican tertiary, virgin and the Doctor of the church. Her spiritual teachings were devised on our union with the Lord, bridge between earth and heaven.Her own virginal entrustment to Christ the bridegroom was reflected in many visions.

She was a wonderful saint, which we were reading from the book  '' A girl who saw saints in the sky''.
It was great to read her passion to our Lord and the little girl who wanted to be a saint, ended up leaving home and reached a cave to become hermit. Lord talked to her and asked her to back home, to be in the world to become a saint, she was taken back home in air by angels. This saint showed fortitude to go and meet pope in France when she was 29 and encouraged him to back to Rome, without any fear. She had stigmata which was very hidden from outside world, when she lived and her body was found incorrupt.

Adopted some ideas from Shower of roses and twoplusmore, children were taught about faith  which St Catherine served church faithfully and was compared to a sunflower, since its gaze is fixed above and turned on glorious sun of divine faith. Hebrews 11;1 was introduced ''faith is confident assurance that something we hope for and conviction about the things that we cannot see for''.

We tried to make some sunflower with whippeed cream on crumpets,idea adopted from catholic cuisine. 

St Catherine of Siena pray for us and help us to grow in holiness, Love for the Lord and fidelity to his body, the church like you.

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