Friday, 9 January 2015

Celebrating feast Of Epiphany.

It was a great feast of Epiphany. Though it was last Sunday church celebrated the Epiphany , we celebrated on traditional day of Jan 6. It was the day Munnu received baptism and our new term started on same day.

Since in Britian, its old name is twelfth night, kidoos decorated the altar with 12 ornaments reminding 12 days of Christmas and played the old song about the Twelve days of Christmas.  According to Mrs Jones, the song was used from 1550 to 1820 as a  way to teach children about church doctrine, which was prohibited that time.

 ''On the first day of Christmas the true love send to me
A Partridge in a pear tree....''

 'We three kings ' was played all day  and Munnu even performed it little bit in piano for our Christmas celebration.

                                                          Our Altar

King cake (Mardi Gras) was made and plan was to hide baby Jesus, so that the person who got it will be crowned as king which sounded not good to Annu, so we abandoned it.

                   Kids received three small gifts which was kinder joy their favourite and did some dressing up as wise men.

There is a traditional way to end epiphany is to bless the house. In some parts of Poland the priest visits all the houses of the parish and bless houses. Elsewhere in Europe various specific items are taken to church the day before epiphany to be blessed; chalk, water and incense.(All these taken from A book of feast and seasons from Joanna Bogle). The blessed chalk is used to write initials above the main door of the house, together with the year and a cross like this 20 + k+M + B+15.One of our friend priest was invited to bless our house and had a meal with him and it was a blessed time.

Towards the end children took all the Xmas decors down.

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