Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nature Study 2

Charlotte Mason says that Nature Study done with children in the early years will be a “balm and a blessing” when they are grown.  They will have quiet places of repose in their soul to go to when life is busy or challenging as adults. It is also the best way to prepare your children for the study of science. 

It was my birthday yesterday , So went to Tatton park in Knutsford. Nature walk was amazing, we looked at the nature trail and passed near mansion, reached near stag and sheep which is an open stretch of grassland. Tatton park is famous for deer, often gather here in large numbers to graze, comprising red and fallow deer and this was the interesting thing to watch. Each spring antlers shed and new grow immediately. Munnu along with my hubby climbed some chopped branches, played football some time, had lunch. Numerous fir cones and various leaves were collected by children to study.

The day before yesterday was fabulous , as a family we went for cycling all the way from our waterpark close to sale waterpark. Aexandra and children joined with us, children and me gathered many leaves pines, maple leaves, beech, lime, oak leaves, hazel chestnut, cones and chestnut .

At home we were learning about various leaves, so pea leaves and many other leaves were observed, learned various things about evergreen leaves and deciduous leaves.

Various conkers, cones and leaves collected and the nature journal in the process.

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