Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tinkerbell- Annu's 9 th birthday

Annu is decorating her own cup cakes. She would like to do some sort of fairy theme for her 9th birthday.  So we thought to keep Tinkerbell and friends, some green and purple shades, she wanted to invite  her friends too

Theresu n munnu is doing the cupcake toppers.

Annu and Theresu making fruit cocktail

Annu had about her 18 friends invited for her party. Awakening in Manchester finished on 8th March. Some of us went for H. Mass. Then we started decorating houses.Kids started coming from 12 pm onwards. Kidos played in the trampoline, played cricket, hopscotch and on. Asked everyone for cake cutting, had meals; pizza, pasta and  some other finger foods. Then they had pinata and had a treasure hunt. They were split up into two groups and had a  treasure hunt, which was obviously hunting some chocolates with different clues..

Once the games were finished, we as three groups went together to our Chorlton water park to feed the birds and had a nature walk. I think children all really enjoyed that time too, it was an amazing time. On the way back after a long walk, though some of them got tired; ended up some time in the park. Reached home, had remaining pizza and said bye bye to all with annu and theresu gave party favors as thanks giving for coming. Thank God for Annu and the last wonderful 9 years in her life and with us and having a beautiful time today. We could conclude the day with a thanks giving Holy Mass in the evening in our parish.

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