Thursday, 23 October 2014

Coat Of Arms on Feast of JP2

Since it is the Feast of St John Paul 2, it was found to be a good idea to do his shield with children which was used for his pontificate.

The first thing I made a grid size of 9 and 7 1/2 inches for them, so that they could copy the coat of arms frame by frame. I copied the ideas from Catholic icing, Keepers of the keys and catholic missionary family with fantastic resources . When they finished  they rubbed some lines and colored it, it could have been better if they could make a border with black marker.

Kidoos have been gone through what it means to be coat of arms and the symbols inside which JP2 used. It was a great learning to me too.

Cross - It represents the mystery of redemption. The cross is shifted to the left.
Letter M - represents the presence of Mary at the foot of the cross and its participation in redemption. It is the first time a papal shield contains a letter.
Keys - They represent the keys of St. Peter.
     Golden Key - represents the spiritual power of the Church.
     Silver Key - represents its temporal power .
Lace - represents the link between the two power is.
Tiara - Composed by 3 crowns representing the authority of the pope as " Pastor "," Master "and" High Priest "of the Church .

Towards the end of the day, we baked a brownie and tried to decorate with a cross and a M, obviously it didn't come up very well, but the brownie was yummy.

St John Paul 2 Ora Pro Nobis

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