Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Learning France

It was St Catherine Laboure's Feast day on Nov 28th and  children were learning about her. She was a french lady which made us to think to look at France .So we thought to learn  about European countries and it  would be rather fun to start with unit study of France because  children seems to like learning countries.Started collecting books from library and thought of making lapbook.  Homeschool share has nice lapbooks on France. More informations are found in Taunya's place too

Paper toys of Eiffel tower is here and in madeby joel. Looked at few library books to know more about France, food, neighbouring countries, historical places, catholic shrines, important places, topography, historical events, map of the country and natural resources.Children made an attempt to learn a bit of french words and counting numbers from one to ten.Sounds very interesting especially to me.

Eiffel Tower  by Gustav Eiffel and its interesting facts seems to be the most fascinating thing for Munnu and Annu seems to like learning french with much passion.

Children made the map of France out of salt dough and made an attempt to label a few cities.

 We learnt about French painter Claude Monet and about impressionism ( sunrise ). Looked at his famous paintings. Planning to make a lapbook on France.

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