Wednesday, 11 September 2013

MOSI- Museum Of Science and Industry

We as a whole family went to Museum Of  Science and Industry  (MOSI), Manchester yesterday as part of learning science. 

Theresu is using the 'lever' mechanism and driving the car up.

Mixing the colours. Good to know the primary colours and sensory applications of mixing the primary colors to create secondary colors.


Exploring  various densities of the liquids.

Awareness about the recycling mechanism and the materials can be assorted based on the nature of the household things.

What are shadows? How are they formed?. It was good for Munnu to explore about the term'opaque' as he was learning this week about the nature of materials.He put his handsinside shadow box to make different shadows, created various animal shapes.

Museum got a fabulous cotton industry remnants, exhibiting the spread of cotton industry, how the spinning machine works, countries (especially India) from whom cotton was exported in the beginning of industrial revolution.

 As part of the textile exhibition, there is  'My Den' for children to make all sorts of Den using cotton mats, fabrics, cushions etc. It was fun for the kidoos.

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