Monday, 5 April 2021

Easter day in Woods

This year again due to restrictions to not meet indoors.  Finally, made out plan to meet with Thomas family in Cannock chase forest.

   I was not expecting much, however things fell in place smoothly. We began our journey into Woodlands, the walk was so refreshing. A little brook was cutting through the way, most of us cross the stream. Even our little Jokut enjoyed the most. Thank God, the weather was ok. The trip had a break, enjoyed biriyani and homemade brownies.  Kids played a lot, big boys chit chat as we were meeting face to face after a while. Some had sun bath and we moved into another spot to other spot. Parted in the end around 6.30 PM and it was a brilliant Easter feasting and joyful time together.

    Big boys together
   Eldest ones enjoying been together too.

 Little jokut's journey downhill the valley bumping here and there.



Holy week

Some of our day to day things on holy week.

   Spy Wednesday , children made a hunt for 30 coins I hid outside front and back garden.After all, talked about Judas and betraying Lord . Also little kids, had a holy week finger print activity  about the Holy week.

  Mandy Thursday reminds us about institution of so many sacraments and prepared Pesaha Meal.

  On Good Friday, we made a trip to Ladyewell and followed the stations of the cross. That was a great experience, journey togethe after long time. 
            It is a tradition to dig and plant potatoes like good Lord buried.Jocha did his favourite gardening and buried the potatoes to grow.

On Holy Saturday,  Paschal candle was prepared and altar getting ready for Easter.

     Hand made Easter basket from our parishner.    

            Have a Blessed Easter.

Friday, 26 March 2021

On the Feast of Annunciation

Today on the Feast of Anunciation, 25th March.
The day in the church calendar in honor of annhnciation- Let it be done unto your will. Reminded of Mary's Yes, became the great Yes to God's divine plan of salvation.

        Interestingly  in Sweden, everyone have waffles on this day and known as Waffles day. It is known as Our Lady's day.
        On the day, as an honour to Mary, we have prepared chocolate waffles in waffle iron , toppled the waffle with cream and strawberries. 

Spring in Orchard

Seasons are changing.  However one of my favourite season is spring. Out in woods, brighter day lights, blooming flowers all around- March especially all colourful yellow daffodils. Absolutely love gazing at daffodils. Daffodils are symbol of renewal and resilience, it grows and regenerate every year from the same bud.

    Our Chorlton orchard is a good place for stroll. Out for a walk with little kids, older ones at home preparing GCSE exams.

Celebrating St Joseph day

This year is dedicated to St Joseph. Beautiful feast of the year, still carries memories from my childhood visiting St Joseph church on the feast, having rice and lentils. The day to remember dads, father figures. Since he is the patron of unmarried girls, universal church and so on...Theresu made a card for dad.

The tradition of making St Joseph altar came as part of thanks giving of Sicilean people from famine in middle ages through the intercession of St Joseph. Another reminder of trinity . Altar is decorated with breads, veggies, carpenter tools which we made out of pastry . Since it is a solemnity we have decorated our altar with homemade pizza, pasta, bread rolls and so on. We gave our parish priest a home made bread too just as a little thanks giving of what he is doing for parishioners. 

Theresu and Georgu cutting saw, clench tools from pastry dough 

Jobycha along with little kids doing chopping woods and helping in our vegetable patch digging , preparing the seeds ready for planting.


          St Joseph pray for us

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

St Patrick's Day

Great sunny day today and it is St Patrick's day- March 17th, visited St John's church and was packed with so any Irish people. So lovely to be there and to receive  the blessings of the day.

    It is always amazing to relive in the story of great saint. The young saint who had a deep traumatic experience in childhood, God turned trauma into a grace of conversion . Each bit of his story is enchanting...The great man who lived in the hearts of all Irish. He too was brave, single- minded and absolutely certain that he will be united with his true love..I wish and hope  to strive this journey too.

      Who has not heard of St Patrick's day? Day of wearing green. 

Along with the read aloud, kids favourite cross words and maze was done. The great teaching of Holy trinity through the shamrock leaf..made craft of Holy trinity.

       Irish dance is so beautiful and love to hear and watch the steps. Cant forget watching Irish dance year before when we visited Ireland for Workd family meet. Unforgettable memories of travelling on cruise, visiting some of ttd Orish friend's, going to the meet and on last day was the day Holy father visited the crowd. 

Jochayz with kids trying to learn some steps.

It was a beautiful sunny day and played tennis and other games in playing field.  

Theresu for the first time baked some cupcakes and cakes all alone, hoping to share for our parishioner's anniversary. 

  Green coloured table  ready with roast lunch, rainbow  fruit cocktail, lemon water ..

Just repeatedly listened and learnt St Patrick's breastplate. "Christ at my right hand...

Speaking of his conversion he ssid- ' I was like a young stone  lying in deep mud, but He that is mightly lifted me up and placed me on top of the  wall' 


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